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White fruit wine with prickly pear
● Taste: sweet, fruity kiwi – prickly pear flavor
● Alcohol content: 12.5 % vol.
● Vegan: yes
● Allergens: contains sulphites


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Feengold – Fairy gold

Feengold, the gold of the fairies, is an exquisite drink that attracts attention with its intense gold tone. The excellent taste of this first-class fruit wine is created by the refreshing, fruity note of the prickly pear, which is often mixed with melon and pear, and is rounded off by the aroma of the kiwi.

This pleasant, fruity wine is available in three different sizes
0.5 liter elixir bottle
0.75 liter amphora
1.0 liter bottle

Feengold 0,5 Liter Elixierflasche

Feengold – Fairy gold

Composition Fruit wine with prickly pear aroma
Taste sweet, fruity kiwi – prickly pear flavor
Alcohol content 12.5 % vol.
Vegan yes
Allergens contains sulfites
other sizes
Net content
0.5 l elixir bottle
0.75 l amphora
1.0 l bottle

Feengold 0,7 Liter Amphore

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