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Many fruit wine
● Taste: fruity, Strawberry, black currant, raspberry, cherry, blackberry, elderberry
● Alcohol content: 12.5 % vol.
● Vegan: no
● Allergens: contains sulphites
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Samthauch – Touch of Velvet

Samthauch – Touch of Velvet consists of numerous different fruits. If you cannot decide on any of the delicious berry wine types, you will get the variety of fruit in one bottle with this wine. The touch of velvet stands out not only because of its fruity bouquet, but also because of its strong, red color.It plays around your tongue like a velvety touch of various fruits.The cherry is widely known and loved for its noble sour taste and is ideal in combination with the strong aroma of blackcurrants. Opposite them are the sweet fruits of strawberries and raspberries. Elderberries and blackberries ensure balance.

You get the touch of velvet in the
0.5 liter elixir bottle
0.75 liter amphora
1.0 liter bottle

Samthauch 0,5 Liter Amphore

Samthauch – Touch of Velvet

Composition Many fruit wine
Taste Fruity
Strawberry, black currant, raspberry, cherry, blackberry, elderberry
Alcohol content 12.5 % vol.
Vegan yes
Allergens contains sulfites
other sizes
Net content
0.5 l elixir bottle
0.75 l amphora
1.0 l bottle

Samthauch 0,7 Liter Amphore

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