Met Süß


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süßer Honigwein
● Geschmack: süßerHoniggeschmack
● Alkoholgehalt: 10,5 % Vol.
● Vegan: nein
● Allergene: enthält Sulfite
Available Lieferzeit: 1 - 3 Tage

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    Sweet Honeywine

    Sweet Mead is a composition of extra honey, water and yeast that simply delights! With each delivery of honey, the taste is redesigned so that the mead tastes a little different every time thanks to different honeys, but always meets the highest quality standards. A good reason to enjoy this delicacy more often.Because mead is a classic in every flavor, you can’t go wrong with pampering yourself or giving away. This drink, which, according to rumors, is also served in heaven, meets the taste of most people, including those who otherwise do not tear the obligatory wine gift from their stools. Because this mead convinces with its lovely, full-bodied honey taste and who doesn’t like to nibble?

    You can bring the lovely mead to your home in the following bottles.
    0.5 l elixir bottle
    0.75 l amphora
    1.0 l euro bottle

    Met süß 1,0 Liter Flasche

    Sweet Honeywine

    Composition Wine & sweet Honey
    Taste sweet Honey taste
    Alcohol content 12.5 % vol.
    Vegan no
    Allergens contains sulfites
    other sizes
    Net content
    0.5 l elixir bottle
    0.75 l amphora
    1.0 l bottle

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