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wild rose wine
● Taste: slightly smoky and earthy wild rose taste
● Alcohol content: 12.5 % vol.
● Vegan: yes
● Allergens: contains sulphites
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Koboldfeuer – Leprechaun fire

Koboldfeuer impresses with its strong red color and is a fire of passion. The basis for this aromatic fruitwine is the rosehip. In combination with wildrose, it offers you a full-bodied, spicy taste experience.Rosehip and wild ose – a combination that literally makes sense by nature, because it thrives on all kinds of rosebushes. Like strawberries, the rosehip belongs to the nutfamily. The red fruit completely encloses the small nuts inside and is a real treat for the palate.

You can get the Koboldfeuer wine in three different sizes
0.5 liter elixir bottle
0.75 liter amphora
1.0 liter bottle

Koboldfeuer – Leprechaun fire

Composition wild rose wine
Taste slightly smoky and earthy wild rose taste
Alcohol content 12.5 % vol.
Vegan yes
Allergens contains sulfites
other sizes
Net content
0.5 l elixir bottle
0.75 l amphora
1.0 l bottle

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